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    Welcome to Canada Pumps. We provide you with:

  • Replacement parts for Canada Pumps™
  • An exhaustive database of Canada Pumps purchase records
  • Service inquiries including disconnection, reconditioning and reconnection
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Canada Pump Records

A complete database of all Canada Pumps centrifical pumps sold worldwide. These records include flow and pressure rating, construction and all excessories. We can duplicate exactly any part you require with

original equipment manufacured (OEM) parts.


Take the guesswork out of purchasing and repairing your Canada Pumps. Contact us today and we'll get you running - no matter what size or model your Canada Pump is.

Services Inquiries

Canada Pumps is a mainstay for refineries, paper mills and heavy industrial applications, and we will service your pump, no matter where you are.

Our expert technicians can:

• Disconnect your piping and pump coupling

• Remove pumps

• Recondition internals with replacement parts as required

• Reinstallation including level and aligning

• Reconnection of your piping


Rebuild your pump with original OEM Canada Pumps parts, that are machined precicely to the exact tolerance and standards of your original pump.


Only by using original Canada Pumps parts can you guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency.


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