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Canada Pumps History

Canadian Blower/Canada Pumps was the Canadian subsidiary of Buffalo Forge Company. These companies, along with Buffalo Pumps - which made similar pumps in New York, were all operating companies of Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation, of Pittsburgh, PA.

In 1993 Ampco-Pittsburgh sold the Buffalo Forge operating company -- which included Canadian Blower/Canada Pumps -- to Howden fans a wholly owned subsidiary of Charter International PLC.

In 2003 Charter PLC sold the Canadian operating divisions which included Canada Pumps back to Ampco-Pittsburgh Corp., which retained all the original casting patterns and records.

CB Power and Industrial Equipment -- a division of Canadian Buffalo Equipment Sales -- is your source for original equipment parts for your Canada Pumps "RR" Boiler Feedwater Pumps or "CRO/CRE" pumps or any of the other models.

For parts or upgrades such as mechanical seal retrofits or to explore improvements against wear and/or corrosion, please call 1-888-317-8959 ext.24 or email us today.



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